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Samsthiti in Sanskrit means ‘consistent quality’. Our manufacturing team is dedicated to follow stringent standards of quality to manufacture the finest nutraceuticals in India. To achieve consistent quality, the downstream, the mid-stream and the upstream operations have to work in tandem every time simultaneously and as our name suggests, we strive to deliver the highest quality of nutraceuticals in India to our customers

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Why is our honey special

Samstithi, a leading manufacturer of herbal nutraceuticals in India,  has 5000 colonies of Apis mellifera and about 1000 colonies of Apis cerana indica which are constantly migrated all over India through the year for collecting different Floral Honey and we always collect Honey from organic farming. Samsthiti is one of the top nutraceutical companies in India has a dedicated team of 50 employees and our Head Of Operations is a second generation Bee Farmer trained under SBEC and Central Bee Research and Training Institute, Pune. We have a dedicated Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab wherein all our Lab chemists have been trained and certified by CBRTI as per Bureau of Indian Standards and FSSAI. 

About Us

Secrets of Pure, Natural Honey from Samsthiti

Our honey is of the highest quality Organic Honey in India, sourced directly from the farm without any artificial additives or preservatives. We take great care in ensuring that each drop is a labor of love, nurtured by bees and brought to you with utmost care. Our natural honey in India is unique and the finest. It’s not just a product, but a celebration of health and well-being, providing a taste of the purest essence that Mother Nature has to offer.

Why Choose Us?

Introducing our exceptional Infused Honey

a true testament to our commitment to quality and natural goodness.

100% Natural Ingredients

We take pride in sourcing all our ingredients from trusted vendors, ensuring that only 100% natural components make their way into our Infused Honey.

Pure and Excipient Free

To maintain the highest standards, we guarantee that our Infused Honey is absolutely pure and free from any excipients. Prior to infusion, each batch undergoes rigorous purity testing to meet our stringent criteria.

A Culinary Delight

Indulge your taste buds with our Infused Honey, a culinary masterpiece that harmonizes perfectly with a myriad of dishes. Elevate your salads and side dishes with its delightful dressing.

Exquisite Taste and Consistency

With utmost precision, we craft our products to achieve a consistently excellent taste and texture. Each drop of our Infused Honey promises an unparalleled experience.
Experience the true essence of natural goodness and unmatched


Spread the


Spread the Honey

Introduced a Line of Honey Infused With Real Spice

Why Choose Us?

Experience Health in Every Drop​

Where Honey Dreams Come True! Pure, Organic Honey from the Heart of India, Delivered to Your Doorstep.

Clove Infused Honey

Experience the taste of Samsthiti's Organic Honey in India infused with the essence of cloves for a burst of flavor and goodness.

Multifloral Honey

Enjoy Samsthiti's Organic Honey India: a delicious blend of flowers from nature, showcasing India's plant life.

Gift Box

There is no better gift than the gift of healthy food. A thoughtfully curated collection of sweet surprises and delights.

Products are

Product Diversity

 Our wide range of nutraceutical products cater
to wider range of customers. 

Selection Accuracy

Our precision selection provides optimal results and our expert formulation produces ideal nutraceuticals.


We continously focus on providing the best nutraceutical products in India which have unparalleled purity attained with the help of 
our expert extraction techniques.  

Quality manufacturing

Samsthiti, the top nutraceutical companies in India maintaining quality Manufacturing delivers unbeatable results every time.


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Our Diverse Product Range

We offer specialised Herbal Isolates and usual Herbal extracts to provide high quality herbal nutraceuticals as per Client’s demand. We take up challenging projects wherein the Active ingredient isolation of the Herb is quite hard and we always deliver what we promise.

We offer dehydrated fruits and vegetables using our proprietary Heat exchange technique in our Tunnel drier which retains 75% of the nutrients in our nutraceutical products even after drying. The leafy vegetables retain the minerals and vitamins because of our proprietary drying technique.

Samsthiti is one of  the top nutraceutical companies in India. We are specialized in producing Essential oils, Aromatic oils, Spice Oils and Oleoresins using Super Critical Fluid Extraction Technique. We also offer Supercritical extraction of Herbal formulations for end-use applications. It is crucial for our SCFE machine to have less than 2% Moisture content to increase the extractability of Oil and Oleoresins.

We also offer Plant based meat in various dishes. As per a study “50% of Agricultural land in the World is used to produce feed for Animals”; which in turn end up in the food cycle. Imagine wastage in energy from converting the produce to feed the animals, maintaining the animals, slaughtering them, packing and distribution; all these can be avoided if there is a healthy, tasty and unique alternative to White meat or Red meat. Samsthiti’s nutraceuticals have a tasty, healthy and delicious “meat” which can be used in cooking any type of dish and it's derived from “Plants not Animals.


Our herbal nutraceuticals can be used as dietary supplements to manage various ailments and human conditions. We offer Dietary supplements for Hair fall control, acne reduction on faces, Immunity boosters, Pain management, Gut health management, Vitamin deficiency management and many more.

We have come-up with the latest technology in Drug delivery, which is far more effective than Tablets and capsules. We call them SIM’s (Strips with Medicine).