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Health Benefits of Rose Infused Honey

Health Benefits of Rose Infused Honey

Honey is a natural sweetening agent and a wonderful gift from nature. Did you know that honey bees collect one pound of honey by visiting 2 million flowers? So, the honey is produced through the incredible efforts of honey bees. Our ancestors have used honey for both internal and external applications. According to Ayurveda, doctors prescribe the consumption of medicinal plants combined with honey, as pure honey has the ability to enhance its medicinal properties. Similarly, rose petals also possess various medicinal values, such as sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic properties.

So, to enhance and combine the health benefits of both honey and rose, Samsthiti has formulated and created Rose infused honey in a perfect combination for you. You can avail the purest form of Rose infused honey from us!

Buy Samhthiti’s rose infused honey today and feel the change in your health!

Health Benefits of Rose Infused Honey

We, Samsthiti, have prepared Rose Infused Honey using the purest form of honey, along with organic flowers in the correct ratio, to provide exclusive health benefits.

1. Makes your skin glow 

Is your skin facing a lot of problems? Do you keep trying different home remedies to get rid of your acne or blackheads? If yes, then rose infused honey gives you the best solution to all your skin problems. People around the world are using rose petals on their faces to lighten dark spots and acne marks. Besides applying it to the skin, consuming rose-infused honey in your daily diet works wonders for your skin. Rose infused honey helps bring back the natural glow of your skin.

2. Remedy for depression and anxiety

Stress in our daily lives often causes insomnia and depression. Rose infused honey acts as a natural mood enhancer. Rose petals have some mild sedative chemical components, and hence it is believed to be natural healer. So, next time you feel low or sad, take a spoonful of rose infused honey with your diet and enhance your mood.

3. Increases Collagen Production in Body

Rose petals contain high amounts of vitamin C, which restores collagen production in our bodies. So, rose infused honey helps increase collagen production, which enhances skin elasticity and bone strength.

4. Helps in Digestion 

Due to an inactive lifestyle and improper food consumption, many of us face different health issues like constipation, gas, stomach pain, bloating, etc. We can avoid all these issues by maintaining a healthy digestive system. Rose infused honey is considered to be rich in fiber and has antioxidants, natural hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. All these constituents help ease the digestion process.

5. Acts as a Blood Purifier

The liver and kidneys are the natural detoxifiers of the human body. They play an important role in purifying impurities in the blood. Rose infused honey helps detoxify the impurities in the blood and supports the health of the liver and kidneys.

6. Remedy for Sore Throat

We know that honey mixed with warm water is a common solution for a sore throat. Take a spoonful of rose infused honey or eat honey and cinnamon for a cough, then go to bed and have a pleasant sleep without the pain and irritation in the throat.

Create your diet chart with rose-infused honey, exercise regularly, and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to maintain both physical and mental health.

Samsthiti has created wonderful nectar with great care by blending and processing pure and raw honey mixed with fresh roses. Taste the chemical-free, preservative-free Samsthiti’s Rose-Infused Honey, which is a great substitute for sugar.

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