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  • Rose Infused Honey
  • Multifloral Honey
  • Ginger Infused Honey
  • Clove Infused Honey
  • Cardamon Infused Honey
  • Cinnamon Infused Honey
Sweeten your day with the delicate touch of Rose-Infused Honey!

Satisfy your taste buds with the delightful fusion of honey and rose. Simply add a spoonful of our Rose-Infused Honey and Enjoy!

Possible Health Benefits of Rose Infused Honey :
  1. Some studies suggest that rose could potentially aid in weight management.
  2. Rose is believed to have natural aphrodisiac properties.
  3. Rose has been used historically as a way to alleviate symptoms of piles.
  4. Rose has been traditionally used to promote relaxation and improve mood.
  5. Astringent properties are a common characteristic of Rose.
  6. Natural treatments for acne often include the use of Rose.
  7. Regular use of rose-infused products has been linked to the potential lightening of lip colour.
Applying Our Rose Honey as a part of face mask is good for :
  1. Rose is good for its Anti-Aging Benefits
  2. It can be used for Smoothing Wrinkles
  3. Even tone pigmented skin is a benefit of using Rose regularly
  4. Healing acne scars can be attributed to Rose’s Astringent properties.

Our Multifloral Honey Is Sourced From The Forests Of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, And Karnataka, Where Our Expert Beekeepers Relocate Bee Boxes
To Farms Based On Seasonal
Cultivation. We Pride Ourselves On Providing 100% Pure And Natural Multifloral Honey Without Any Additives Or Excipients. Our Honey Is A
Blend Of Various Floral Nectars, Giving It A Distinctive And Complex Flavour. It Can Be Used As A Natural Sweetener In Tea, On Toast, Or In A Variety Of
Baked Goods.

Add a zesty touch of ginger to your day with our delicious Ginger Infused Honey.

Indulge in the delicious taste of honey while reaping the countless health benefits of ginger with just one spoon of our ginger-infused honey.

Health Benefits of Ginger Infused Honey:
  1. Did you know that ginger contains Gingerol, which is believed to have potent medicinal properties?
  2. Gingerol is thought to have the ability to lower the risk of infections.
  3. It has been suggested that ginger helps treat many forms of nausea, particularly morning sickness.
  4. Some people claim that ginger aids in weight management.
  5. Ginger may have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and heart disease risk factors.
  6. Ginger is believed to help treat chronic indigestion.
  7. For some women, ginger helps to reduce menstrual pain significantly.
  8. Ginger may help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
  9. Some researchers have studied ginger as an alternative remedy for several forms of cancer.
Applying Our Rose Honey as a part of face mask is good for :
  1. Rose is good for its Anti-Aging Benefits
  2. It can be used for Smoothing Wrinkles
  3. Even tone pigmented skin is a benefit of using Rose regularly
  4. Healing acne scars can be attributed to Rose’s Astringent properties.
Spice up your life with the warm and comforting flavour of our Clove Infused Honey!

Experience the irresistible blend of natural sweetness and spicy warmth with every spoonful of our clove-infused honey, packed with the numerous health benefits of this aromatic spice.

Health Benefits of Clove Honey:
  1. It has been suggested that cloves can aid digestion.
  2. Cloves are a good source of manganese, which plays a role in bone repair and hormone production.
  3. The beta-carotene found in cloves is an important antioxidant and provitamin that sometimes converts to vitamin A which is good for eye health.
  4. Multiple compounds in cloves have been linked to anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Cloves are high in antioxidants, which are known to reduce oxidative stress and prevent chronic disease.
  6. Some research suggests that the compounds in cloves could potentially protect against cancer.
  7. The antimicrobial properties of cloves could help inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  8. Studies indicate that the compounds in cloves, particularly eugenol, is known to promote liver health.
  9. The beneficial compounds in cloves may play a role in regulating blood sugar levels.
  10. Animal studies have shown that certain compounds in cloves could help preserve bone mass.
  11. Research indicates that the compounds in cloves may have potential in treating stomach ulcers.
Experience the exotic blend of sweetness and spice with our Cardamom Infused Honey!

Savour the exquisite flavour of honey while harnessing the numerous health benefits of cardamom in each spoonful of our irresistible cardamom-infused honey.

Health Benefits of Cardamom Infused Honey:
  1. Cardamom has antioxidant and diuretic properties that some believe helps in blood pressure management.
  2. Some researchers have suggested that cardamom contains cancer-fighting compounds.
  3. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, some believe that cardamom helps protect against chronic diseases.
  4. It has been suggested that cardamom may help with digestive problems, including ulcers.
  5. Some believe that cardamom helps in treating bad breath and preventing cavities.
  6. Preliminary research has suggested that cardamom may have antibacterial effects and could potentially be used to treat infections.
  7. Early research has suggested that cardamom may improve breathing and oxygen use in some people.
  8. Some research has suggested that cardamom helps for blood sugar management, although more studies are needed to confirm this.
  9. Cardamom is generally considered safe for most people and widely available.
  10. Studies suggest that cardamom extract may have various benefits for liver health, including reducing elevated liver enzymes, preventing liver enlargement and fatty liver disease.
  11. One study on rats has suggested that cardamom extract may have a preventive effect on anxious behaviours, potentially due to its antioxidant content.
Consume Cinnamon the new way. The Cinnamon Infused Honey way.

A single spoon of cinnamon infused honey lets you enjoy the taste of honey and the numerous health benefits of cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Infused Honey:
  1. The use of Cinnamon has been linked to insulin management.
  2. Cinnamon has shown promising results  to boost metabolism.
  3. Cinnamon has demonstrated potential in halting the growth of cancer cells.
  4. It may be helpful in the management of blood pressure.
  5. Cinnamon Infused Honey can be used as a face mask to promote glowing skin.
  6. Cinnamon is reportedly used to reduce Inflammation.
  7. Cinnamon is also good for weight management.